VCSA – PSC Services failing to start

Recently I came across a strange issue when one of my PSC’s in a distributed setup decided to disable all of the required PSC services from staring up.

The issue started when I had an F5 load balancer that failed, whether this was the actual cause to the PSC disabling the services…. it’s highly unlikely.

The fact that the services were set to be disabled from starting up was not apparent at first. I only noticed it when trying to stop and start the services.

When starting up the services you would see something like this :

service-control –start –all INFO:root:Service: vmafdd, Action: start Service: vmafdd, Action: start 2017-04-18T12:07:49.725Z Running command: [‘/sbin/chkconfig’, u’vmafdd’] 2017-04-18T12:07:49.801Z Done running command

‘vmafdd’ startMode is Manual, skipping to start:

INFO:root:’vmafdd’ startMode is Manual, skipping to start: INFO:root:Service: vmware-rhttpproxy, Action: start Service: vmware-rhttpproxy, Action: start 2017-04-18T12:07:49.803Z Running command: [‘/sbin/chkconfig’, u’vmware-rhttpproxy’] 2017-04-18T12:07:49.878Z Done running command

‘vmware-rhttpproxy’ startMode is Manual, skipping to start:

INFO:root:’vmware-rhttpproxy’ startMode is Manual, skipping to start:
INFO:root:Service: vmdird, Action: start

You’ll notice this across all the services.  When checking the services status “service-control –status –all”,  you’ll notice that the services actually don’t start, obviously it wont as it is set to be disabled.

This will list all the services and their startup configuration status.
In my case all the required services were set to off.

To resolve the issue I had to set all the services on  again. This can be done by using chkconfig as well.

Note that this has to be done for every individual service and also that some of these services rely on each other to be configure “on” as well. You will be prompted to enable the service dependency where required for example:

“chkconfig -A”In this example, enable the service dependency first.

Once complete, confirm that all the services are enabled by using chkconfig -A

You should be able to start all the services now.
“service-control –start –all”