PowerCli: Migrating DRS rules to a new vCenter Management server

Image supplied by : http://www.vdssystems.be/
Image by : http://www.vdssystems.be/

Hello world šŸ˜‰

I haven’t written a blog post in forever, been busy with a big vSphere 6.0 distributed deployment.

Part of the vSphere 6 deployment i had to migrate DRS rulesĀ from a windows based vCenter deployment to a VCSA based deployment and copying all your DRS rules across can be a tedious process. I had a plethora of DRS rules to migrate across multiple clusters and was not looking forward to creating all the rules manually. Luckily Ā Luc DekensĀ andĀ Matt BorenĀ put together a DRSRule module which made the task easy. More info about the module can be found here.

I have put together a PowerShell script that will migrate all the rules for you.

Note : Updated to Import-Module and not PSSnapin for PowerCli 6.5.x

	 Created on:   	2016/10/21 11:28 AM
	 Created by:   	Xana Cloete
	 Organization: 	vXan.co.za
	 Filename:     	vsphere6_DRS_RULES_migration.ps1
	IMPORTANT !! - The script assumes that the source cluster and destination cluster have the same name.
		This script will retrieve all the specified cluster DRS information from the old vCenter management server and copy them to the new destination vCenter management server.
		Tested DRS rule migration from vCenter 5.5 (Windows Deployment) to vCenter 6.0 (Distributed appliance deployment)
	Ensure the powershell module "DRSRule" is installed. Follow DRSRule install guide. Run script from within PowerCLI
DRSRule – a DRS rules and groups module
.EXAMPLE .\vsphere6_upg_drs_rule_migration.ps1 -source-site MY_OLD_VC -cluster CLUSTER_NAME -destination-site MY_NEW_VC #> Param ( [String]$my_old_vc, [string]$the_cluster, [string]$my_new_vc ) if (!$my_old_vc -or (!$the_cluster) -or (!$my_new_vc)) { Throw "You need to supply all parameters." } # Import VIM automation core snapin if not loaded $imported = Get-Module -Name VMware.VimAutomation.Core -ErrorAction 'SilentlyContinue' if (!$imported) { Write-Host -ForegroundColor "yellow" "Importing VMware.VimAutomation.Core..." try { Import-Module VMware.VimAutomation.Core -ErrorAction 'Stop' } catch { Write-Host "Something went wrong. ""VMware.VimAutomation.Core"" snapin not found. Try execute the script from PowerCli" } } # Import DRS Module try { Import-Module DRSRule -ErrorAction 'Stop' } catch { write-host "DRSRule Module not found. Did you install it correctly ?. Check http://www.lucd.info/2015/01/22/drsrule-drs-rules-and-groups-module/" } cls Write-Host "Welcome to the DRSRule migration tool." Write-Host "You will need to have full administrative access to both vCenter management serevers to proceed." Write-Host Write-Host "=============================================" Write-Host Write-Host "The info you supplied:" write-host Write-Host " Old_VC : $my_old_vc" Write-Host " New_VC : $my_new_vc" Write-Host " Cluster : $the_cluster" write-host Write-Host "=============================================" Read-Host "Hit Enter to continue." cls try { Connect-VIServer $my_old_vc -WarningAction 'SilentlyContinue' -ErrorAction 'Stop' } catch { write-host "Unable to connect to the old vCenter Management Server $my_old_vc" break } write-host "Connected to $my_old_vc." write-host "Collecting DRS Information. Please Wait." $drshostgrps = get-cluster -name $the_cluster| get-DRSVMHostGroup $drsvmgrps = get-cluster -name $the_cluster |Get-DRSVmGroup $drs_vm2hosts = get-cluster -name $the_cluster |Get-DrsVMToVMHostRule $drs_vm2vms = get-cluster -name $the_cluster |Get-DrsVMToVMRule write-host "Done." write-host "Disconnect from $my_old_vc" Disconnect-VIServer $my_old_vc -Confirm:$false try { Connect-VIServer $my_new_vc -WarningAction 'SilentlyContinue' -ErrorAction 'Stop' } catch { write-host "Unable to connect to the new vCenter Management Server $my_new_vc" break } write-host "Connected to $my_new_vc." write-host "Start applying DRS Information. Please Wait." foreach ($drshostgrp in $drshostgrps) { New-DRSVMHostGroup -name:$drshostgrp.name -cluster:$drshostgrp.cluster -vmhost:$drshostgrp.vmhost write-host "DRSRule VMHost Groups Created." } foreach ($drsvmgrp in $drsvmgrps) { New-DrsVMGroup -name:$drsvmgrp.name -cluster:$drsvmgrp.cluster -vm:$drsvmgrp.vm write-host "DRSRule VM Groups created." } foreach ($drs_vm2host in $drs_vm2hosts) { new-DRSVMToVMHostRule -name:$drs_vm2host.name -cluster:$drs_vm2host.cluster -enabled:$drs_vm2host.enabled -mandatory:$drs_vm2host.mandatory -VMGroupName:$drs_vm2host.vmgroupname -AffineHostGroupName:$drs_vm2host.AffineHostGroupName -AntiAffineHostGroupName:$drs_vm2host.AntiAffineHostGroupName write-host "DRSRule VM to VMHost Rules created" } foreach ($drs_vm2vm in $drs_vm2vms) { New-DrsVMToVMRule -name:$drs_vm2vm.name -cluster:$drs_vm2vm.cluster -enabled:$drs_vm2vm.enabled -KeepTogether:$drs_vm2vm.keeptogether -vm:$drs_vm2vm.vm write-host "DRSRule VM to VM Rules created." } write-host "All done. Please validate all rules manually on the clusters and vcenter management servers." write-host "Disconnecting from the VC's" Disconnect-VIServer * -confirm:$false write-host "Disconnected"


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